Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...almost all of the leaves have fallen off the trees.  We host a very large squirrel family that has eaten most of the apples off of our tree AND the cute gourds we had on display in the front yard. 

I am thinking...that I have never been crabbier in my life.  Ha!  I would be perfectly content at the moment to not have to interact with another living being for a few weeks.  Talking makes me feel miserable and causes me to cough.  For some reason everything is irritating me these days.  Perhaps I need a vacation?

I am thankful...that Camille is doing great in preschool this year.  We had a hard time deciding to place her in kindergarten or preschool this year, but I think we made a great choice.  She has also become a great helper at home and has remembered to do her chores without being told.

In the kitchen...I have been cooking without an oven because we had to send a part in for repair.  We are managing okay, but now that I don't have an oven, I seem to want to bake everything.

I am wearing...this one always makes me chuckle.  Does anyone really care what I'm wearing?  I will say I wish my personal shopper college friend would visit our house and help Ken and I go through our closets and put together some outfits.  Ken has enough clothes to wear something different everyday for at least a year, and my closet is so bare that the kids can fit in there to play hide and seek!

I am creating...police, firefighter, and EMT vests for Camille's preschool.  My mom helped me a lot this weekend, but I still have quite a bit of work left.

I am going... to the ballet with the girls and my aunt this weekend.  How fun!

I am wondering...how I can get some more writing business.

I am reading...Render Unto Caesar:  Serving the Nation by Living Our Catholic Beliefs in Political Life by Charles Chaput.  He wrote it in 2008, but it is certainly relevant during this election season.  I was worried it would be one big endorsement for a political party, but it definitely is not.

I am hoping...I got the trash on the curb in time for the garbage men today.  We have had it stacking up for several weeks now.  For some reason Tuesday is a difficult day for us to remember to take it out.

I am looking forward to...sleeping in my bed again soon.  I finally found a doctor who prescribed me several drugs to get rid of my bronchitis.  Unfortunately, I pulled a muscle in my rib cage from coughing and the pain is preventing me from coughing and from being able to sleep on my back... or sides...or stomach.  The only way I have gotten any rest is by sort of leaning sideways over our fluffy couch cushions.

I am learning...from the Catholicism course by Fr. Robert Barron that Ken and I are taking at our church.

Around the house...we have a mess.  I just cannot seem to keep up.  As long as I stay at home, I seem to be able to stay on top of things, but one full day out of the house, like yesterday, creates a disaster that lasts for days.  I actually have tried eliminating all shelves from our living environment to discourage stuff being set down, and I spend half my life calling junk mail companies to remove us from mailing lists.  The paper battle continues...

I am pondering...what will happen to our lawn if the leaves are never taken care of.  We have a lot of leaves to rake up, but we have been out of town two weekends in a row.

A favorite quote for today...All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing, said by Edmund Burke, an Irish political philosopher.  I am genuinely fearful of the current and future state of our nation, regardless of who is elected as our next president.  I believe the only path to success these days is to make one's beliefs and values known before they are discarded as that belonging to a small minority.

One of my favorite things...Meghan is at last nearly potty trained.  Hooray!  She was doing great last summer but had a little relapse.  Now, I just need to make her some step stools so she can actually climb onto the potty herself without the risk of falling in!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  I just intend to rest.

A peek into my day... I'm supposed to post a picture here.  Maybe later?

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