Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blog Readers?

I was just checking the Traffic data on my blog to see where my readers were coming from as I noticed that I only have about 4 views per post if I don't post the link to Facebook.  Imagine my surprise when I noticed that I'm getting traffic from a porn site!  How does that happen?

Learning Letters

Camille learned her letters very quickly when she was a toddler and accepted each letter as just a letter.  Meghan had been working on learning her letters, but the names and sounds just did not seem to stick with her.  I thought maybe she was just overwhelmed by the volume (26 is a lot for a little kid), so I decided to scale back and removed all letters in our stash that were not in her name.  Very quickly I discovered that she is not opposed to learning all the letters of the alphabet, she would just like to see that each letter has a purpose.  An "A" is just an "A" until you make it part of her name.  Suddenly "A" is the coolest letter on earth!  Just like that, Meg has not only learned all the letters in her name, but she can also spell her name.  Now, I have to dream up other words relevant to her so she can learn the rest.

Numbers seems to work the same way for Meghan.  She knows 2 because she is 2.  She knows 3 because she will soon be 3, and she knows 5 because Camille is 5.  She is happy to discard all other numbers because they have no relevance to her.

I have to keep reminding myself that every kid is different, even if they are siblings.

Friday, February 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes

We made it to 33 weeks today.  If this baby has the same schedule as its older sisters, we have a little under 5 weeks left!  I have not reached the uncomfortable stage yet and am keeping busy around the house.  I think this baby is going to be small based on my weight gain and measurements at the doctor's office.  (Watch...this baby will be the 9-pounder!)
I managed to order Meghan's medication in under 15 minutes today, which is about 1/3 the usual amount of time.  Success!
Meghan saw her endocrinologist yesterday.  Since November she has grown 1.5 inches and gained 1.5 pounds.  Her height actually almost reaches the first percentile on the growth chart now!  She still needs to make some progress in the weight area, but I have started giving her a milk shake for a snack every day made with full-fat ice cream, whole milk, and Carnation instant breakfast.  This extra treat seems to be helping.
I am almost done with my "little" project for Camille's preschool:  25 community helper vests.  This sewing project has helped me pass the time this winter, and I think I am becoming better-skilled with my sewing machine.
We had some plumbing problems in our basement bathroom and laundry room, so we have had numerous contractors and plumbers coming over in the evenings to give us estimates on the repairs.  We were not planning to remodel the basement for 5-10 years, but I guess we will have a new bathroom and laundry room (with two washing machine hook-ups!!!!) by summer.
Camille is a budding artist and has drawn on pretty much every piece of paper in our house.  Her grandparents joke about her "traveling art exhibit" because when she goes to Fargo, she replaces her old drawing with new ones and then takes the old ones home for someone else's fridge.  Camille's drawings have gotten quite elaborate, but we cannot figure out what to do with all of them!
Meghan and I have been stuck in the house for a week and a half with a terrible cold.  I would love to go to the gym and stretch my muscles a bit, but I have this thing about children with green snotty noses being dropped off in the daycare...  Hopefully a good rest this weekend will make us better.