Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

We have a playdate today, hooray!  The term "Minnesota nice" is a bit deceiving.  I recently read that making friends in Minnesota is more like using a slow cooker than a microwave.  This aspect has been an adjustment for me since making friends in Florida was pretty easy.  In St. Paul, everyone hangs out with the same people they hung out with in kindergarten, which leaves little room for us newbies to fit in.  Fortunately, I met a lovely not-from-here mom at Camille's soccer practices that has two kids the same age as Camille and Meghan.
We have had some kind of coughing plague in our house for nearly two months.  Everyone else is finally over it, except for me.  I'm hoping it goes away soon.
Ken and I worked really hard in September getting our yard and garage in order for winter.  I just have a few more wheelbarrows of rocks I'd like to move, pending recovery from the plague, before the snow flies.
I have two Halloween costumes to make, and I guess I better get them done.  Fortunately,
they are not as involved as last year's.
Ken and I are taking the Catholicism course at our church by Fr. Robert Barron.  So far we have been fortunate to have family available to babysit our two munchkins.  I miss living in Florida where all church events included plans for the kids!
Camille is taking Irish dance classes this year rather than tap and ballet.  The classes are very different, and I'm not sure what to think of them yet.  The kids don't learn dance steps at this age as much as they learn how to feel the rhythm of the music and stand with proper posture.  They also work on building endurance and encourage a lot of muscle stretching.  Camille enjoys the classes, and the dance school stresses modesty and natural beauty, which I really like.
I finally broke down and bought Meghan a really warm down comforter for her bed.  She was always cold at night, and I am hoping this will help her sleep better.

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  1. I completely understand where you're coming from on #1; I lived six years in a small town in Wisconsin, and I was STILL an un-welcomed outsider. I wish you the best of luck in the friends-search. It isn't easy.