Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... the trees and flowers are filling in nicely.  I have really missed watching the seasons change.
I am thinking... these classes I am taking at the Y are going to be the death of me.  I had no idea that I was soooo out of shape!
I am thankful for... Granny watching Camille today while I rushed Meghan off to the pediatrician for a pre-op physical.  Naps went longer than I had intended, and Camille was not quite awake enough to get dressed and rush out the door.
From the kitchen... I am failing this stay-at-home mom stuff.  I guess I better make a menu this week.
I am wearing... jean and a T-shirt.  I am still accepting that I only really need one pair of shorts while living in Minnesota.
I am creating... a grocery list.  (Yes, I know, boring.)
I am going... to a Zumba class tomorrow.  I went to my first one ever last Friday and had a great time!
I am reading... ummm....Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown.
I am hoping... Ken and I find a way to meet more couples with children.  We could really use a night of entertainment including adults. 
I am hearing... Granny listening to the Twins game upstairs.  One-hundred and sixty-nine games per season and she doesn't miss a single one.  I just heard her mutter, "oh, he shaved off his mustache."  Yes, she really knows the team that well.
Around the house... everything is pretty much cleaned up and has a home.
One of my favorite things... Camille and Meghan are so affectionate.  Camille gave me a snuggle and an "I love you" after I read her a story tonight, and Meghan likes to give me a little kiss on the cheek when I put her into her crib at night.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Meghan is having her eye surgery on Friday morning so we are not making any other plans for the weekend.
Here is a picture I thought of sharing...
Meghan received one nasty bite from another child today at the YMCA.  Amazingly, the child also had a pacifier in his mouth when he bit her.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Little Update

Somehow we are busier now than when I was working full time. 

Ken is enjoying his new job.  Camille and I think it's awesome that he gets to ride the train into the heart of the city each day...and Ken doesn't seem to mind the commute.  He has already re-connected with his referee friends and has even braved the cold to referee a few games.

The girls and I have fallen into a rather busy routine.  Camille and Meghan go to their grandparent's house 2-3 mornings a week so I can get some work done.  We try to visit my grandmother (the one we're not living with) once a week.  We drop into the local library for story hour every so often.  The rest of our time is spent either A) going to Meghan's numerous doctor appointments or B) going to the YMCA.

Meghan's latest tests have all come back normal.  In the last month, she has gained a pound (hooray!) and started walking.  We are still waiting for a few more tests to be done, and then she will likely have her entire digestive tract scoped to look for possible causes of malabsorption.  Also, on May 27th she is going to have surgery on her blocked tear duct.  She is still eating massive amounts of food for a 15 pound child.  I am afraid we will need to take out a loan to feed her when she is a 30 pound child!

After a lot of coaxing by Ken, we joined the local YMCA.  They have a great little daycare where the kids can stay for up to 2 hours while I work out.  Initially I was not thrilled with the idea of a gym membership.  However, one of the employees helped me set up a fitness plan, and I am devoting some much-needed attention to my mid-section after having 2 kids.  I took in several classes this week, including one that required me to stay in a push-up position with my legs on a large exercise ball.  I was rolling all over the place!  Of course, I'll go back next week as it's the only time I get a chance to take a shower without worrying what the kids are into.

Camille likes going to the YMCA.  On certain days they let the kids loose in the gym with "bouncy balls," as Camille would say.  She considers gym days a smashing success and is quite mournful if she is not able to go.  Camille is still adjusting to the move.  She and I keep talking about various ways that she can make friends and how she can introduce herself to other kids.  She has been rather disagreeable and in a sour mood, which definitely tests my patience.  I am wondering when I'll get my smiley daughter back.

For me working from home is a bit of a chore.  I feel like I should be constantly working if I have free time.  In spite of this feeling, I don't get very much done as I am often distracted.  Hopefully I will figure it all out soon!

Of course, I have stayed up too late and Meg's crying now.  Good night!