Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Plight of the Dry Erase Marker

When Camille was about 3 years old, she received a few workbooks that were compatible with dry-erase markers.  At the time, I did not realize that dry-erase markers were not washable, oxy-cleanable, bleachable, etc.  (When visiting our house, you now have no need to ask why our already-colorful comforter has red highlights.)  Sooooo...I put the markers and the workbooks away for a later, more mature age.

Soon washable dry-erase markers came on the market, and the books were back in action.  I thought these workbooks would be perfect for car trips.  On a trip to Fargo this summer, I gave each of the girls a marker and a book.  Camille handled the situation quite well, but Meghan, who is still rear-facing in her car seat and not visible to me while driving, decided to color her face, clothes, car seat, etc.  This event was not a crisis because the markers really were washable.  I was just inconvenienced by having to bathe a child and wash a car seat and a full outfit of clothes.

I recently noticed washable dry-erase crayons on the store shelves.  Of course me being the sucker-mommy that I am, I picked up a box.  This past weekend we took another quick trip to Fargo so I brought both the crayons and the markers along, thinking that Camille could use the markers and Meghan would make less of a mess with the crayons.  The girls did not get a chance to give them a try until the ride home.  I think the pictures below say enough...

She's actually holding the crayon wrappers.  I guess she felt the crayon would be more effective without the paper on it.

Can you see the green tint in her hair?  Who knew dry-erase crayon would transfer so well?

As you can see, Meghan was quite proud of herself!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the chunks of crayon in her molars that I found while brushing her teeth tonight.  I guess they taste good too!

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