Thursday, April 7, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

Okay, so today is Thursday.  I'm a day early.  Or 6 days late.  And I have 10, so not really quick, either.

After four fairly long days in the care, we finally arrived in MN.  Fortunately, we did not encounter any car troubles or other difficulty.

Two Men and a Truck loaded everything for us in Florida and, as we discovered upon arrival in MN, did not wrap our furniture very well.  Several nicks and scratches were endured.  Luckily we do not have any furniture of value.

We have nicely settled in at Granny's house.  The girls are sharing a room, which is working out surprisingly well.  They don't talk at bed time and Meghan's cries have only kept Camille up once, so far.

Meghan had a rough start.  She had a high fever four nights in a row and was really fussy.  After the third night of fever and fussing, I took her to her new pediatrician.  He assured me she just had a virus and sent us home with nothing.  After the fourth night of fever and absolutely no sleep, I took her to a different pediatrician I happened to drive by on the way to the grocery store.  The second pediatrician significantly more helpful.  She clearly saw Meghans very infected ear and understood me when I said she was not at all herself.  We left with prescriptions for antibiotics, ibuprofen, ear numbing drops, and referrals to every specialist Meghan needs to see.  Fortunately, the meds worked and we had a good night of sleep last night.

As an aside, after the 3rd night of fever, I suspected Meghan had roseola.  Sure enough, on day 4, she broke out in a rash.

Camille is struggling to adjust to the move.  Initially the new surroundings bothered her at night.  Once I put her own comforter, pillows, and stuffed animals on her bed, she started sleeping better.  Now she's having trouble during the day.  She's not really sure what to do with herself.  I cannot blame her as I'm not really sure what to do with myself.  The adjustment would probably easier if we were in our own home and I could spend time working on the house.  Granny's house does not really have a good spot to sequester the kids and let them play while still keeping them in my sight.

We are really enjoying spending time with my grandmother and are so grateful that she has room for us.  However, living in an enormous "do not touch" house with two little kids is an indescribable experience.  The knick-knack body count so far:  1 glass angel has lost her halo and some lovely silk flowers lost their leaves.  Not too bad for being here 6 days!

Oh yeah...Meghan has figured out how to remove the covers from the electrical outlets.  Her tiny fingers are just perfect for removing those buggers that the rest of us have to use a knife to remove.

I killed a brown spider (the Florida variety) in the bathroom today.  The little guy crawled out of a shopping bag that was briefly in my trunk.  Hopefully we left all other little critters in Florida!

Granny has deer that wander by her porch every day at 10AM and 4PM.  When I have my camera ready, I will take a picture and post it.  Perhaps I can capture all 12!

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