Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Meghan!

Meghan turned one today!  She had many adventures in her first year of life.

Meghan at birth

1 month old!

Meghan is baptized.  June 24, 2010 in Kindred, ND
Meghan at 2 months old, sunning herself at Uncle Jason and Aunt Nikki's lake home in Detroit Lakes, MN.
Meghan at 3 months.  Look at that chunky baby!

At 4 months, Meghan takes her first trip to Cocoa Beach for the National Kidney Foundation Surf Festival.

5 months!
At almost 6 months of age, Meghan enjoyed our family trip to Quito, Ecuador for a friend's wedding.

At 6 months, Meghan took a trip to Savannah, GA and stayed at the haunted Kehoe House. (It's still a mystery where the pictures are from that trip.)

At 7 months, Meghan took her first camping trip to Little Talbot Island.

At 8 months, Meghan braved her first ND blizzard...

 and enjoyed her Aunt Becky's wedding.

Meghan enjoys building a bear with Camille at 9 months.

Meghan at 10 months with her big sister.
Meghan helps drive through Kentucky during our move from Florida to Minnesota at 11 months old.

Meghan turns one!

Meghan is definitely a gift from God.  In spite of her "failure to thrive" diagnosis, she continues to thrive.  Please pray that in her next year of life the cause of her poor weight gain is discovered quickly, and she is able to further enjoy the innocence of childhood.

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