Friday, September 16, 2011

Good-bye Summer!

The Lamb family had a great summer!

We played in the back yard

We danced

We had fun at the grocery store

We had picnics at the park

 We played baseball

We played at the park


 We did manual labor at Grandma and Grandpa's house

We took swimming lessons

 And watched swimming lessons

We had fun at the lake...

Calling minnows



Sleeping in the tent with cousins

...and Uncle Jason
 We celebrated Camille's birthday with a pirate party...
Pirate princess pinata

Treasure maps

Awesome and delicious pirate cake Aunt Bernadette made

We played

We put on our tutu's...

...and went to the Mall of America for Dora, ballet, and Toddler Tuesdays.

We stood in a long line for over an hour...

...Dora left just as we were to the front of the line to meet her.  :-(

We had fun in Fargo...
Puppet theatre my sister-in-law and I made.

The girls made puppets of themselves.  Camille on the left, Meghan on the right.
Behind-the-scenes show

I made a lion.
 We enjoyed the mosquito-free lake again in August...
We made great memories with our cousins.

We watched a movie on the big screen by the lake.

Three of the five cutest girls on Earth.

Camille took to the waterskis

We said good-bye on Summer Hill

We stuffed ourselves with Plum Dumplings

We relaxed in the back yard in Fargo

We went to the Minnesota State Fair...

...and wore silly hats

...and watched the Dairy princesses being carved in butter.

...and we wore more silly hats

...we ate everything "on a stick", including Summit Sampler on a stick

Good bye summer, hello Fall!

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