Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You don't need to show/tell us...

Searching for a home in the Twin Cities is great!  Actually, the great hunt is terrible.  The homes with the best locations are old, run-down, and over-priced.  The nicest homes on the market are also some of the cheapest.  The only problem is that Ken would spend more time commuting to work than actually working. Alas, I have found some amusement in the home search.  All of the photos below are taken from actual real estate listings in the Twin Cities.  My apologies if this is your house.

Does the bald eagle actually come with the house?

This photo intrigues me.  Why is there a bed in the living room?  Why is there a couch in the office?  Why is everything set up like movie theater seating?

This clip is from the seller's disclosure.  I think including the dog's weight is more disclosure than I needed.  Thank goodness these forms don't get more personal!

Yes, they really posted a picture of the furnace and water heater.  I'm not sure if they were just providing photographic evidence of their presence, or letting us know that they aren't ugly.

I love this bedroom...beautifully staged.  They even managed to get the perfect movie clip to play on the TV.  Now this is an example of someone desperate to sell!

Never mind what the dining room looks like...check out all those plants!

Same house, even MORE plants!

Wow!  They have plants in the bedroom, too!

"Perhaps if we focus on the plants, no one will notice the size of this bedroom."

This is a beautiful home, inside and out.  For a while I couldn't figure out why it was selling at such a cheap price...

Here is a map of the house.  Yes, the house almost sits directly on top of active railroad tracks!

I actually visit this house listing often when I need a laugh.  Check out those patterns!

Plaid carpeting and wheat on the walls.

Would 3 different patterns be too much?

We mustn't leave out the bathroom.  These people are really over-the-top.  A shower door and a curtain! And yes, all of these patterns are in the same home.

Here we have the fairly un-helpful listing with 7 pictures of the exterior of the home...and not a single photo of the interior.  Shall we guess what the inside looks like?


  1. Wow. It looks like house hunting has been a real joy :/. Good luck! I hope you find something suitable soon.

  2. Glad to see you are having so much fun. Thanks for the giggle. You are great!