Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... the leaves are changing colors.  I am enjoying my first fall in 6 years!

I am thinking...about the letter I received from Meghan's endocrinologist today.  The blood work taken last week indicates that Meghan has low insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1).  These results mean that she likely has a type of growth hormone deficiency.  I'm not sure what the next step in her treatment will be.

I am thankful...for the fabulous swim I had this afternoon. My goal is to swim 100 miles in one year.

From the learning rooms...Camille is going to preschool four afternoons a week.  She comes home singing many new songs and talking about the friends she makes each day.  Unfortunately, the evenings are a very difficult time for her since she does not get an afternoon nap.  Meghan is saying her alphabet up to J without help now.

In the a bowl full of fresh tomatoes.  I have never enjoyed a fresh tomato so much in my life!  Everyone here grows excellent tomatoes, and they have been sharing them with us.  I cannot wait until next summer when we have a garden of our own.

I am wearing...flannel PJ's.  Brrr!

I am creating...too many things.  I am hoping to make the girls' Halloween costumes and pea coats out of an old wool coat of my Grandmother's.  I also have to finish replacing the velcro on Meghan's diaper covers.  I would probably get more done if I took the sewing machine out of the storage room.

I am going...a bit crazy.  Some days I just really miss the life we used to have.

I am wondering...when the Simple Woman's Daybook got all of these categories.  I don't remember answering so many questions!

I am reading...a book about the case for the canonization of JPII.  I would tell you the title, but that would mean I would have to get off of the couch.

I am hoping...we will be able to find a house in December that suits our needs and that we can afford. 

I am looking forward to...the end of soccer season.  We haven't seen much of Ken in the last two months.  I miss our Friday night movies.  Meghan asks for him all day long.  Camille just keeps making plans of things she'd like to do with him when he gets home.

I am hearing...nothing.  Everyone else is in bed.  I should be in bed too, but I love these peaceful nights.

Around the house...we have a mess.  I cannot wait until we live in a space more than 500 sq ft. 

I am pondering...the best way to deal with Camille's poor behavior.  I know she is tired, but we just cannot go on like this for the entire school year.  Time outs don't work, spanking doesn't work, taking away toys doesn't work.

One of my favorite things...when Meghan and I pick Camille up from preschool, Meghan and Camille give each other a long embrace as though they haven't seen each other in months.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Meghan has a kidney ultrasound and nephrology appointment tomorrow.  I have to go to the YMCA every day this week so I can squeeze 12 visits into the month of September so we get our $20 insurance reimbursement.  My parents are visiting this weekend.  Woohoo!

A picture for sharing...Camille loves her dance class!  Dancing is truly the bright spot in her week.

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  1. Alyssa has a rough time when she is short changed on sleep, too. One thing that worked for us was mandatory "rest time" after she got home from school. Rules: must stay on bed, can have 1-2 quiet toys (books/stuffed animals), don't get off your bed 'til I call you. Sometimes she slept, but usually she just used the time to unwind. We found it helped our evenings go much smoother. The first few days were rough since she wasn't used to it, but after a few days of the new routine, she would go right up stairs to her room for rest time. Maybe implementing this or something similar would help you.