Friday, March 11, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

I have laryngitis, which is turning out to be fantastic.  I whisper to Camille, and she whispers back.  We are enjoying a quiet day at home.

Meghan's thyroid tests came back normal.  We have been keeping track of everything she eats and will be seeing a pediatric GI specialist as well as a dietician on Monday.  Hopefully they can give us some helpful advice on how to plump her up.

We had to get a 4th antibiotic yesterday as Meghan refused to take the 3rd one (Septra).  Septra is very bitter.  Now we have augmentin flavored like strawberries.  She is still refusing to take it.  PTSD (post-traumatic Syringe disorder).  I have resorted to the "restrain and force" method.  Ear infection, please go away!

We are preparing for our annual St. Patrick's Day party which will be tomorrow.  We moved it to our club house so we can keep the house clean for prospective buyers.

I'm not making soup this year for the party like I usually do.  Soup is too hard to transport.  We ordered 10 loaves of delicious bread from our favorite bakery, Uppercrust, and bought enough corned beef, pastrami, ham, pepperoni, turkey, and cheese to feed an army.  Let's hope an army shows up!

Please keep my sister-in-law's nephew in your prayers.  He is 12 years old and has a very serious bone infection.

No, I have not packed a single box yet.  However, we did receive our small shipment of boxes this week, and I have started cleaning out my office at work .  Baby steps...

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