Friday, March 4, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

Hooray!  I at least knew it was Friday today.  I am having a hard time keeping track of the days and even which month we are in.  Just slightly discombobulated.

I have not packed a single box yet.  I'm not in denial that we're moving in 3 weeks.  I just have so many things to do that I don't know where to start.  I wish I had a sister here...

Meghan had an ear and weight check-up today at the Pediatrician's.  She still has an ear infection (round 3 of antibiotics), lost weight again, and the Dr. detected a heart murmur.  Thankfully I work in Pediatric Intensive Care and work quite a bit with Pediatric Cardiologists.  We have an appointment right away Monday morning to get her heart looked at.

Meghan had blood drawn today to check her thyroid, liver, and blood cells.  She's such a calm child.  She didn't even cry, just sort of looked at the nurses and wondered what they were doing.

My scientific writing consultant business has taken off quickly...a little too quickly.  I have secured 20 hours of guaranteed work per week as well as additional hours intermittently.  I may never have to work in a real office again!

The value of homes has dropped $8,500 in the last month.  Sweet Gainesville house, please wrap your welcoming arms around the next people that come to see you.

My friend Stephanie is currently in Ethiopia picking up her son.  She and her husband have been waiting to adopt for over 2 years.  Please include her in your prayers for safe travels, quick attachment to her new son, and a trouble-free return home.  She is a US citizen, her husband is a Canadian citizen.  Her travel visa had expired (long story) so she has to fly into the US and then drive across the border to Canada.

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