Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ecuador Vacation, Part 1

We actually started our vacation two days prior to flying to Ecuador.  First was a trip to Tampa where Ken refereed and the girls and I ate in the hotel restaurant and just relaxed.  Unfortunately I got food poisoning from the hotel salad and started our vacation a little green.

The next morning we drove to Naples to go to church and spend the day with Ken's friend Jorge and Jorge's wife Veronica.  Jorge used to be a math professor at NDSU in Fargo, which is how Ken knows him.  We haven't seen Jorge and Veronica since their wedding two years ago.  We went to mass with them Sunday morning, took naps at their townhouse, and then went on a nature hike.  Here are some pictures from our adventures:

Off we go!
The trees form "flying buttresses" at their bases to support them in the moist ground.

Jorge and Veronica, our nature guides

Neat sayings were on the railings of the trail.

Can you see the green heron in this picture?
At the very end of the trail we saw a wild hog with her piglets.  Sorry for the poor resolution; it was dusk and the pig was a ways away.

We spent the night at Jorge and Veronica's and then it was a 2 hour drive down Alligator Alley (quite a disappointment; no alligators) to Miami.

Up next...Quito, Ecuador!

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