Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ken & Camille's First Soccer Practice

Camille is playing "Kangaroo Kickers" soccer at the YMCA across the street from our neighborhood this fall.  Ken signed up to be the coach.  Their first practice was this morning.  Thankfully, our team is composed of 6 other children we know.  It was chaotic, but Ken, Camille and all the other kids did a great job.  Here are some pictures:

After soccer, we went across the street to our neighbor's garage sale.  Camille, being the "girly-girl" that she is, felt that her soccer outfit needed some pink.  So, she found some headbands and beads to wear:

Meghan's corner
We have given up forcing a pacifier on Meghan.  She is officially a finger sucker.  I guess we'll deal with that bad habit in about a year.

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  1. I'm thinking these two girls are going to have quite different personalities!