Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...we have mild snow flurries.  Today is a little colder than the last two days.  The girls really enjoyed playing outside after school.  Unfortunately, Meghan doesn't tolerate the temperature below 32 degrees so she has not been out much in January.

I am thinking...about baby names.  Our child is still nameless.  This fact is stressing me out more than a little bit.

I am thankful...that Meghan's whining has subsided.  I started sending to her room for a nap every time she started fussing, and she seems to have changed her behavior in response.

In the kitchen...we are on day two of a three-day cookie baking project.  Last night I whipped up the dough. Today we rolled the dough, cut out heart shaped cookies and baked them.  Tomorrow we will decorate them.  Uh-oh...I just noticed Meghan stole a cookie off the counter.  (She is getting taller at last!)

I am wearing...something warm!

I am creating...some "community helper" vests for the preschool.  I started them in October with my mom's help and have not touched them since.  Now that the Christmas projects are done, I should probably finish them!

I am take Camille to Irish dance tonight.  She loves it, and I love that it wears her out!

I am reading...The Temperament God Gave You.  I was actually reading it while I went to the gym, but I have not been in several weeks.

I am looking forward to...March?...April?...not being pregnant anymore :-)

Around the house...we almost have everything put back together from my prolonged illness.  I spent all of last weekend gathering things for the thrift store.  I came up with 3 pretty big boxes of items to give away.

I am pondering...whether or not to have a St. Patrick's Day party.  We have always had one, but I will be 36 weeks pregnant by then.  I don't think I have the energy...

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite checking on the girls before I go to sleep.  They share a room now and look so angelic when they're silent and sleeping.  Meghan really is growing (almost 23lbs now!) and takes up more and more of her twin bed.  Camille has been exhausted most evenings due to a lot of outside play, hard work at preschool, and dance.  Seeing her sleeping in bed makes me chuckle because she looks like she fell in completely spent from a hard day!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Pray and play at the Cathedral later this week and we're going to a feis (Irish dance competition) at the Mall of America on Saturday to watch the dancers from Camille's school.  Camille is disappointed she isn't ready for her first dance in public yet.

...I better type faster...Meghan just stole another cookie!

A peek into my day...
Camille had her hair cut off to donate to Locks of Love

Meghan wanted to get in on the picture, too!  (Pardon the bare legs...potty training is still in progress.)

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