Saturday, January 26, 2013

Is it still January?

I have to write about the rest of our January, not because I want to re-live it, but because I need to get it out of my head.  Yes, it really was that bad!

After spending a week laying on the couch and receiving extensive help with the kids, I ended up going to the hospital again for extreme pain.  Thankfully my sister was staying with us so we put the kids to bed and made another late-night trip.  The doctors were much quicker at delivering pain medication this time, which I was thankful for.  My kidney had swollen even more and the ultrasound still couldn't show whether I had a kidney stone or if the baby was blocking my ureter.  The urologists decided that putting me under general anesthesia and taking a camera through my...oh nevermind...was the best plan, but they didn't have OR time for more 3 days.  So, I waited it out, was grateful for IV pain medication and underwent the procedure.  Fortunately, they were able to do the entire procedure without radioactive imaging.  They did find a kidney stone, removed it, and placed a stent to keep my ureter open.  Apparently kidney stones are common in pregnancy, and I am at risk for having more in the rest of my pregnancy. (Fantastic, I say!)  The stent was uncomfortable, but I felt so much better after the procedure.  They removed the stent in an office visit a week later.  After another week of resting, I am pretty much back to feeling as normal as a 29 weeks-pregnant lady can feel.

The morning of my surgery, my grandmother passed away.  I was very sad that I could not be with her, but I am glad that her death was peaceful, and she was able to die in her home.  My mom planned a beautiful funeral and all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren were able to attend.  Camille and my other nieces, who are all age 5 and under, handled the event very well.  I think it was helpful for all of us to have the kids' perspectives.  I was not able to go to the cemetery because I could not walk much, but Ken took Camille, and I think it helped her understand what we were going to do with Granny's body.  She is still struggling with the difference between body and soul.

We chose to not have Meghan attend the funeral, so she stayed with Ken's aunt until the luncheon afterwards.  Meghan does not quite understand yet what happened and is a terror at mass, so this worked out fairly well.

We feel so lucky to live close to family.  My mom and sister both stayed with us and took care of the girls while I was too sick to move.  Ken's sister brought us some really delicious food on several occasions.  Ken's aunt watched the kids after my sister left, and Ken's cousin's wife took care of bringing Camille to school.  We also had some friends from church make us a couple meals.

Finally, let me say that my husband is amazing!  He somehow managed to be at the hospital for me, keep up with his work duties, arrange care for the kids, and be home twice a day to give Meghan her shots.  In addition, he was dealing with a very difficult situation with his own family.  I do not know how he did all of this!  He also had the pressure of his upcoming annual review at work.  I am hopeful his employer recognizes what a hard worker he is.  I definitely married a guy who is one-of-a-kind!

Now...can we please get on with February?

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  1. Agreed! What a wonderful family and husband you have, Missy!

    I am so sorry you had such a hard time and hope that this will be the end of that. On to February, longer days and spring ahead!

    I am so thankful when I read about modern medicine and all that it does with God's full blessing. I think God is watching over you with great love and care through all of the good saints in your circle!