Thursday, February 10, 2011

FAQ's About The Move

Are you really moving?
Yes, Ken has taken a job as a biostatistician at the Minnapolis Medical Research Foundation.

What will you do there?
Initially I will stay home with the kids, finish writing my thesis, and help everyone adjust to this big change.  Ken and I will be starting our own consulting business called Lamb Consulting.  (Clever name, wouldn't you say?)  He will continue his statistical consulting and I hope to grow a client base for scientific editing.

What is scientific editing?
Researchers write manuscripts.  I proof read and re-write them for better read-ability, flow, and of course, grammar.  I also want to help researchers design their experiments.  I did a lot of this in Florida and really enjoyed it.

Weren't you doing a Master's at UF?
I have completed all of my coursework.  I will write my thesis in the coming months and hopefully defend the thesis in time for graduation in August.

Didn't you just buy a house?
We bought a new house, which we love, a year ago.  At that time, we didn't know God had this other plan for us.  As of tomorrow, our house will be for sale.  Prayers ascending to St. Joseph.

Why are you leaving?  Were you unhappy in Florida?
We were actually quite happy living in Florida.  Ken and I both have great jobs that we love here and the weather is outstanding.  However, the education system in the Midwest is very good and living so far away from our families is really not the best way to raise kids.  After much deliberation, we feel this move is best for our children.  (Yes, we're blaming it on the kids.)

Do you already have a place to live in Minnesota?
My grandmother has graciously offered to let us live in her basement until we get settled, sell our Florida home, and buy a house.

Do the kids know?
Camille is well aware that we will be moving closer to her cousins Mia, Grace and Abby.  I don't think she realizes that it will be longer than the usual visits.

Meghan, of course, has no clue.  I am actually quite concerned about the effect of the move on her.  She is having some (hopefully) minor medical issues that require immediate attention.  She has lost weight again and has only gained 1 lb in the last 5 months.  She also requires surgery for a blocked tear duct.  Upon arrival in MN we will immediately be contacting specialists to deal with both issues.

Are you excited?
YES and no.  I am so excited to be living near have family watch my kids so I can go on a date with my see that special bond develop between my kids and their drop my children off at school and know that they will get a decent attend a Catholic church that actually lives the get to play hockey! 

I have made some of the best friends of my life here in Florida...wonderful Catholic women that raise their children the same way I choose to raise mine...that go out of their way to be kind to eachother...that actually pick up the phone and call me "just because they haven't heard from me in a few days"...the type of friends that I have always searched for.  I will miss them dearly, but Gainesville is a town of transients and most of these friends will likely be moving on in the future, too.

I am very nervous about the winters.  I experienced extreme seasonal depression in North Dakota which was completely cured by living in sunny Florida.  Ken has promised me that I can join a gym and install skylights in every room in our new house :-)  Let's hope that works or I will be back in Florida before we know it. 

Will you keep blogging?
Of course!  I think it's fun.  Plus, I haven't finished my posts about our fabulous trip to Ecuador!


  1. Melissa and Ken, Yippee!!! Maybe we will finally get to see you again and those adorable girls. I know everything will go smoothly. Keep in touch. Love you all. Jolie

  2. Oh Missy, we will miss you and Ken and of course Camille and Meghan. Good luck with the move. Let us know if we can help in anyway.
    Susan, Johnny, Alyssa and Keira