Monday, November 15, 2010

Soup on Sundays!

A few years ago I started a habit of making a pot of soup on Sunday when the weather starts getting cooler.  My mom makes wonderful soup, and I have heard that my mom's sister can really whip up some good soup.  I guess soup making is in my blood.  Thankfully, Ken and Camille love to eat soup.  We usually eat soup on Mondays when I have class until late and on Thursdays when I'm too tired to think about cooking.  A big pot of soup rarely lasts until the end of the week.  This week I decided to try barley in the soup.  It was wonderful!  Here's roughly what I threw in the pot. (Formal recipes and soup just don't go together.)

Turkey, barley, vegetable soup

1 chopped onion
1 large soup spoon of garlic
~ 2 cups sliced carrots
~2 cups sliced celery
~1 cup broccoli stalks, diced and frozen to soften
~2 cups black beans with a bit of their sauce
1 can corn, undrained
1 can diced tomatoes with basil and oregano
1 can tomato sauce
a few cans of water (so the soup looks brothy)
3/4 of a bag of Publix barley (no soaking necessary)
cubed cooked turkey breast (we had some left-overs)

I usually have carrots and celery (including the leaves) sliced and stored in the freezer.  I also prepare several lbs of black beans at a time and freeze those, too.  Whenever I buy broccoli, I chop up the stalks and freeze them.  They really are a delicious addition to soups!  Also, when I steam veggies, I save the left-over water in the freezer for soup broth as it's full of nutrients.  We don't let much food go to waste in our house.  I didn't add any bouillon or salt to this recipe as the canned corn, tomatoes, and sauce added plenty of flavor.

Throw everything into the pot and cook until it's done :-)

Yum!  This was a really hearty soup!

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