Sunday, June 10, 2012

Four cuties out on the town

Camille and Meghan were lucky to have two of their cousins visiting from Fargo this weekend. We decided to take them on a little adventure.

We rode the city bus to the Children's Museum downtown.

 We visited Snoopy.
 At the museum, we made a rain storm.
 We explored the land of Curious George.
 We presented a pupped show.  (These girls love puppet shows.)

We pet a turtle.

We played with bubbles.

We created and danced to our own light show.

We went grocery shopping.

We ate snacks and made silly faces.

(From silly oaks, goofy acorns do fall.)

We held hands.

On the way to the bus stop, we visited a couple of St. Paul landmarks.

Mickey's Diner

 The Landmark Center
The bus stop!

After filling up with food and taking a good nap, we ventured off to watch Camille's dance recital. Camille is on the far right.

 Be assured, Camille and the other cuties in her class garnered the biggest cheers of the evening!

Afterwards, we stopped at Culver's for ice cream. (Sorry, no pictures of the ice cream because I had one very tired two-year-old sleeping in my lap.)

A private note to my sister, Catie, and brother-in-law, Marcus:  if your kids seem a little tired this week, it's because they had one heck of a good time in St. Paul!

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  1. What a wonderful weekend you all had! All those little treasures.