Friday, April 20, 2012

Seven Quick Takes Friday- It’s all about me!

And why shouldn't it be?

I'm trying to type this blog entry in the Microsoft Word template. We'll see if this will work!
The girls and I headed to Grand Avenue yesterday morning for some shopping and fun. Juut had a 20% off sale on Aveda products, which I love and prefer for my hair. However, now that I don't work, I don't feel right spending the money on my hair. A sale was just what I needed! After our shopping, we stopped at Bread & Chocolate for cookies and milk (at 9AM!). We had a good time. Afterwards, Camille asked me what we would eat for dessert. Silly girl!
I am taking a much-needed break from writing my thesis. I hope to be done by April 30th. Woohoo! The kids are at Ken's parent's house today. I have the greatest in-laws on Earth. They take such good care of the kids and have been watching them 3 days a week while I stay home and write. I cannot wait until this Master's degree is over. So many plans are waiting for "the day I'm done".
Even though this winter was very mild, I still struggled with the lack of sunshine. I felt more miserable than I've been in 6 years. I loooved that Florida sun! This year was not conducive to a vacation in the South, but next year we will definitely be finding our way to our beach in the darker months.
I at last found a decent physician here. White Bear Lake (>1/2 hour from our house, but totally worth it) has an awesome pro-life family clinic. At least two of the physicians there attend our church and all of the physicians are certified specialists in various forms of NFP. How lucky am I?
I discussed my struggle with the winter with my new physician. She checked my Vitamin D levels. I am actually happy to report that I received a call today from the office saying I am insufficient in vitamin D. No one has ever thought to check my vitamin D even though it is very common with seasonal depression. I am hopeful that an enormous supplement will help me feel more energetic in the winter months. I hate to think about how deficient I would be if I didn't already take a vitamin D supplement and drink a ton of milk.
We are struggling here a bit trying to figure out how to balance responsibilities and expectations now that I stay at home with the kids. How do people keep their homes tidy when people actually live in them all day? Keeping the house clean was easy when I worked because we were never home. We just ate and slept there! This morning I made little schedules for everyone in the house to help organize and solidify our duties. Thankfully Camille is an excellent helper. Now I just need to get Meghan to help and between the three of us we'll have each floor of the house covered. (Totally joking about this!)

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