Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Growing, At Last!

We gave up on modern medicine.  No more blood tests.  No more consults with specialists.  No more ultrasounds and x-rays. 

We turned in the only direction we know works for sure.  We took Meghan to our favorite priest and good friend, Fr. Gjengdahl.  He was the acolyte at our wedding (before becoming a priest), and he baptized Camille.  A few weeks after arriving in Minnesota, we took Meghan to Fr. Gjengdahl for a special blessing for sick children.  That blessing is the only thing that worked.  Since that blessing about 8 weeks ago, Meghan has gained 2 lbs! This was after not gaining an ounce for 6 months.  "Thanks be to God" is all we have to say! 

The many faces of a blessed and GROWING Meghan:

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  1. Praise God, Melissa! Meghan is still on our prayer list and I had been meaning to email you and ask how she was doing. God is GREAT! Continued prayers for all of you. I miss my "Respect Life" buddy!
    Thanks so much for posting this link on FB; I am terrible at reading blogs.