Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas. Vacation.

Tuesday. 3 AM. Drive to Sanford. Fly to Fargo. Drive to St. Paul. Blizzard. White knuckles. Pray. Sleep.

Wednesday. Grandma Ward. New assisted living. Dinner. Green Mill. No friends.

Thursday. Toby. Cafe News. Lunch. St. Agnes Alumni Bash. Sleep.

Christmas Eve. Grandma Loney. Lasagne. Midnight mass. Ken. Sleep.

Christmas Day. Mass. Missy. Alone. Lunch. Ham. Wards. Dinner. Squash soup. Turkey. Lambs.

Sunday. Snow. Shovel. Play.

Monday. Lunch. Christian. Plum's Bar. Dinner. Aunt Sandy. Soup. Polish Poker.

Tuesday. 6:30 AM. Drive to Fargo. Dinner. Loney family Christmas. Tambourines. Maracas. Loud.

Wednesday. Centerpieces. Clay. Cousins. Snow. Play. Dinner.

Wedding Eve. 5AM. Camille. Stomach flu. Party preparations. Rehearsal. Groom's dinner. Blizzard. Car Stuck. Ice. Snow. 6 adults. 3 children. Burned rubber.

Wedding Day. 5AM. Camille. Still sick. Snow. Bride chases plow. Blizzard. Again. Camille. Aggressive rehydration. Positive thinking. Hair. Dresses. Snow. Pictures. Snow. Wedding. Beautiful. Snow. Wind. Bridesmaids. Dresses. Sweat pants. Boots. Reception. Happy New Year. Hotel. Sleep.

Saturday. Roads closed. Gifts opened. Reserve hotel. Roads plowed. Cancel hotel. 6PM. Highway closed. Loney house not plowed. Re-reserve hotel. Polish poker. Swimming pool. Sleep.

Sunday. AM. Highway closed. Backroads to airport. No luggage. Ship later. Fly to Florida. Car battery dead. Jump. Drive. Meghan hungry. Stop. Feed Meghan. Engine smoke. Tow truck 1 hour. Nick. Ride home.  Kids in bed. Ken and Missy. Rum cake.