Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Prefers Crown Royal

Camille is growing up way too quickly.  A few weeks ago, she fell in the living room and knocked out her front tooth.  We weren't prepared for the tooth fairy as we weren't expecting her for another 2 to 3 years!  Ken and I scrambled to find a suitable pouch for the tooth.  Fortunately, we had recently gotten a small sample of Crown Royal that came in a little gold-lined purple pouch.  The pouch was perfect! 

After Camille went to sleep, Ken and I debated over what the tooth fairy would bring.  I felt that a quarter would be sufficient given that Camille is just beginning to understand money and I didn't really want her to play with coins for fear that Meghan would eat them.  Ken felt something more impressive was required as he was given a silver dollar by his tooth fairy.  He decided to give her a silver coin I had received as a kid from my uncle.

The next day Camille totally forgot to check and see what the tooth fairy brought her.  When Ken came home from work he encouraged her to look in the bag.  She took out the piece of silver and shrieked, "it's a penny!"  After about 10 minutes of her dropping the heavy coin on the hardwood, the coin was tucked back away and the Tooth Fairy's gift was soon forgotten.

We had to take Camille to the dentist for an x-ray to make sure the entire tooth came out and to make sure her other top front tooth wasn't broken as it was wiggly.  Fortunately, all was well and we're trying to salvage the other tooth so she won't be completely toothless before kindergarten.  As it is right now, she'll be missing a tooth for another 3 years!

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